Every *Third Thursday of the Month
Time: 6:00pm - 9pm(ish)
Location: Rock Bottom Brewery
28256 Diehl Rd Warrenville, IL

*This is the general "date". Various meetups will be adjusted plus or minus a week or on a Wednesday or Tuesday to handle things like holidays and avoid collisions with larger events or conferences. The most up to date information can be found via @BurbSecWest.

What is BurbSecWest?

BurbSecWest is a monthly infosec networking meetup which takes place at Rock Bottom Brewery (I-88 & Winfield Rd.) and serves as an alternative to Chisec, Burbsec, and BurbSecNorth.

Fashioned after the original "citysec", there are no “dues”, nothing to join, and no exploits to present! (But don't let that stop you from showing us your work!)

Vendors and Sales people are welcome as long as you follow the only rule - don't be a jerk!

Don’t worry about being late, people will begin to roll in after-work around 5:30pm and we will finish up whenever people leave generally 2 - 3 hours or so).

Why You Should Come

We're just like you and you will fit right in. We geek out on infosec, memes, beer, and compliance jokes (among other things). Our skill set ranges from novice to expert and includes paper hat making. There will be someone who you can ask tough questions and get answers as well as be asked tough questions and give answers.

Aside from finding like minded people, you will make contacts, friendships, and expand your network of professional connections with genuine people. These are the kind of connections that help you solve that tough problem at work, at home, or in the job market.

Have I mentioned that people come to BurbSecWest looking to hire and/or recruit?

About "Us" (and You)

We're a rag tag band of infosec professionals from all walks of life. We come from individual companies, consultants, big companies, small companies, and enthusiasts looking to break into the "infosec" industry. We come from major and minor companies along the I-88 business corridor. However, we also have attendees who work in the city and stop by on their way home during the commute.

In general, we live and/or work around the western Chicago suburbs. Attendees come from an area roughly bordered by Oakbrook, Geneva, Aurora, Plainfield, Woodridge, and Darien. But living within those bounds doesn't stop attendees coming from Chicago, Indiana, Schaumburg, or the far north suburbs.

Why You Should Sponsor?

Want to sponsor refreshments? Contact us!In the past we've had big vendors, small vendors, and even sponsorship from an individual.

    Here's what you can expect to get from us, in general, for sponsoring:
  • Your sponsorship will be announced via the @BurbSecWest Twitter account to all followers
  • Your sponsorship will be mentioned at the meetup to attendees
  • Attendees will usually say thanks on Twitter to your company.
  • You will accumulate some good will amongst attendees.
  • You will possibly generate leads

Some vendors have actually been able to demo their wares at the meetup in an unintrusive way and generate qualified leads.